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Memphis pattern 42 USB Backpack

This high-quality large-capacity backpack has a USB data cable and a music jack, allowing you to listen to songs and charge in one step. Multi-space pockets: The main pocket can hold books, documents or clothing, and the separate computer compartment can hold a 13-16 inch laptop or IPAD. Comfortable and strong: comfortable airflow back design, thick and soft. Multi-sided ventilated pads provide you with maximum back support. Breathable and adjustable shoulder straps reduce pressure on the shoulders. The foam cushion top handle is strong for the brain, and there is a hidden zipper-type anti-theft pocket on the back, which can store important objects such as wallets.

Memphis Bottle insulation pack

Ocean No5 Bottle insulation pack

Playing Alone( Edit ) Bottle insulation pack

Suitable for outdoor sports, shopping places, short trips, park use,or daily leisure outings. The double-sided bag is shrinkable and stretchable, and has wrinkle resistance. The entire chest bag material and stress position are reinforced by the date punching machine, which enhances the durability of the chest bag.

The product adopts an ergonomic design and two-way hooks are available. The strap design that can be changed from left to right provides the best comfort for your shoulders, back and chest. The length of the shoulder strap can be adjusted at will, allowing you to easily access any items during use.

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